• Functional Food

    TREOMETRY is a functional foods company that connects you to the healing properties of nutritionally dense chocolate & adaptogenic herbs. 

  • Potent Extracts

    Feeling inspired from plant wisdom has never been easier. All you have to do is enjoy the chocolate while the infinite wisdom of nature goes to work.

  • Powered by Purpose

    Our purpose is to grow wellness, love, vitality and joy in the lives and hearts of our customers. Chocolate brings people together, and herbs ease the mind, body and spirit- what a wonderful synergy! 

  • Postive Feedback Loop

    We enjoy giving people honest, sustainable, nutrient-dense options so they can feel good about their choices and do good in the world. We love to support the earth and it's inhabitants with intentional, ethical, and forward thinking business practices. 

  • Quality Sourcing

    We choose pure, sustainable and organic. We choose heirloom, jungle grown, wild Ecuadorian raw cacao. This bean is unroasted and gently sundried locking in the vital nutrients and benefits we love about chocolate! 

  • Sweet and Sustainable

    Organic maple sugar. We use this mineral rich, unrefined dehydrated tree sap because it tastes amazing when combined with our raw chocolate. Supporting small US and Canadian farmers is an added bonus. 

Meet our new chocolate friend, Maca Chaga.

Packed with libido enhancing maca root, mesquite pod, lucuma fruit and antioxidant rich Chaga extract, this next-level superfood chocolate has a rich caramel, marshmallow butterscotch taste, yes... butterscotch! 


Wait... Golden Mylk chocolate?!

We didn't create chocolate, we just created the world's first golden mylk chocolate. Infused with ashwaghanda and holy basil, this is turmeric chai adaptogenic goodness in a bar!



Eat your adaptogens like a BOSS! We added shilajit and mucuna to join the raw cacao vibe. Infused with reishi spores AND fruiting body extract to create an epic full spectrum experience. Reishiiii!!!

Reishi vibes all day