Our Founder


 Hey - my name is Griffin


 Let's just start off by saying, I LOVE CHOCOLATE

 My mission is bring joy, health and vitality through intentional culinary creations.

 Each recipe is intentionally created and personally consumed by me. Treometry is my gift to the world, and I'm so happy you found it!

 Immersing myself in the infinite knowledge and wisdom of plants, especially Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine, I translated these thousand year old botanical formulations into an easy to consume, daily chocolate experience without the need to take supplements or craft your own recipes. 


I have compiled countless hours of research on the premium superfoods, super herbs, tonic formulations, and adaptogens found on this abundant planet. The result?  TREOMETRY. 


In-JOY your experience


With gratitude,

A happy super-foodie :)