Our ingredients: The secret’s in the source. 

Here’s the thing. The wellness-kick you get in each bar of our functional chocolate lies at the source of each of our carefully selected ingredients. When it comes to finding our suppliers, we ask two basic questions: what will they do for our customers, and what will they do for the earth? 

To satisfy your cravings for pure chocolate bliss, we put your health at the top of our priority list. Every bit of chocolatey goodness that lands in your mouth is of the highest quality—clean, healthy and whole. And it’s not just your health that we have in mind, but that of the communities that our ingredients originate from, and the environment as a whole. 

By biting into our chocolate, you are saying YES to fair-trade practices, YES to organic food, and YES to Regenerative Farming efforts that put ethics at the centre of agriculture. 


Our cacao.

The story of our cacao almost rivals its epic taste. 100% Arriba Nacional, our cacao begins its life ensconced in the idyllic setting in the higher elevations of Ecuador. Watered only by rain or spring water, the cacao is gently washed without the use of harmful chemicals. Harvested from wild cacao trees, it is then brought down by donkey for processing using artisanal equipment specially modified to process at raw temperatures. The beans are fermented for approximately three days to bring out that unmistakably rich flavor.

While you may have seen the name Arriba Nacional around a lot lately, many suppliers of Raw Ecuadorian cacao purchase their beans from aggregators. Why is this important? Well, the primary way to differentiate if the cacao is 100% Arriba Nacional is by viewing the pods. By buying from aggregators, you simply are not privy to this part of the process. The aggregators primarily sell a hybrid varietal called CCN51, which is cultivated like conventional cacao, rather than grown in the wild. Basically, the production of CCN51 is far less concerned with the environment and the ecosystem, and with the nutritional impact it can have on your health.

We have taken every step possible to ensure that what you get on the inside has taken into account what is best for the earth. 

Every bite of our functional chocolate is a doing a small part in a big change! We invite you to eat chocolate that does good for the planet and your body!