Our Mission

Joy can be limitless.

Health and vitality can be everyday experiences.

Yes, Treómetry makes incredible botanical chocolates, but our greater purpose is to grow wellness, love, joy and abundance in the lives and hearts of our customers.

We give people honest, sustainable, nutrient dense options, so they can feel good about their choices and do good in the world.

We strive to create a vessel of health and wealth within our community. Inspiring action within our fellow brothers and sisters. Pushing boundaries and exploring our inner worlds. Doing what's right when we know no one is looking. Striving for change, and looking only to ourselves to make it happen. 

We respect the whole, the universe, the multiverse which we all take part in. The infinite expression of one, being expressed as all. Energy is never lost, it's only shifted. We respect this and alchemically create new ways to help the shift that's occurring right now. Much love and infinite gratitude for all who help to continue and support our dream!